Opening hours : Most shops in Italy and France close at noon for lunch, reopening at 3 pm or 4 pm or 5 pm, and usually staying open until 7.30 pm. All shops in Apricale close on Wednesday afternoons and on Sunday.

Post Office is in the corner of the town square, next to the community office.
There are two general stores in Apricale :
Commestibili is just a few metres up to the right after the short descending tunnel exit from the town square under the archway and past the Grotte bar makes a T-junction with the Via dei Martiri. Opening hours are Mon to Sat 0730 to 1230, reopening at 1500 to 1900 except on Wed afternoons (1700 on Sat).
L'Oasi del Buon Gustaio is on the main road a few metres uphill beyond La Tarrochi and La Lucertola restaurants. It opens Mon to Sat 0730 to 1200 and reopens 1630 to 2000. Closed Wed afternoon.

There are several banks in Ventimiglia. Not every ATM will give cash in response to a UK credit card. If yours is refused, don't assume there is something wrong in general -- just try another bank.

There are internet cafes in Ventlmiglia. Apricale is allegedly baing cabled up for broadband, and so there might soon be internet access perhaps in the Tourist Office near the stone archway in the square, but the locals are not holding their breath.

Ventimiglia has a fantastic daily food market in a covered hall -- excellent for fruits, cheeses, fresh pasta and baked goods. It opens around 8 am and starts to quieten down after 2 pm. There is also a huge seafront market there each Friday.
Vallecrosia (take the San Remo coast road from Ventimiglia and as you leave Ventimiglia it seamlessly becomes Vallecrosia) has a large market each Tuesday. It's on the right, at an intersection on the main coast road (large stationery shop on the corner). The market has everything from tomatoes to telescopes.

San Remo has the slightly faded elegance due to an upper-class resort from the First World War era, and the shopping is corresponding elegant.

The Post Office is on the right by the red mailbox

salami at Ventimiglia