For such a small town, there is a lot going on in Apricale. Events are advertised in the town square on the noticeboard near the Tourist Office, adjacent to the archway porta running past the Grotte bar.
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There are a large number of such events throughout the summer in Apricale, both of religious and secular natures. Examples include ...
This is a patron-saint's day celebration, and typically involves a very long church mass followed by a procession round the town with an effigy and the town band playing solemn music (top photo on the right).
Sagra di Pansarole
This is a sort of harvest festival which marks the end of the summer, when the square is turned over to the preparation, production and distribution of pansarole (a sort of small doughnut peculiar to Apricale -- bottom photo on the right).

As well as performances by those from outside Apricale, the local town band (an amateur ensemble) gives various recitals, as well as performing during pretty well all the festivals. Playing in a band during a long festival can require copious liquid refreshment and, when so refreshed, snatches of impromptu jazz can break out (middle photo on the right).

Apricale has a strong artistic feel, and this is positively encouraged with frescos in the streets and exhibitions staged in the square and in the Castle Museum. The bicycle halfway up the tallest church steeple in the town is a leftover from one of these -- Apricale's very own installation art.

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