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If you're intending to visit Julie and Keith's house in Apricale then you'll need some information: this website provides that. .

Apricale is in Liguria, whose coastline is the Italian Riviera, adjoining the Cote d'Azur. Voted among the top ten prettiest Italian villages, Apricale is a medieval hilltop town in the gentle foothills of the Alpes Maritimes about 10 km from the sea. It is about 1000 ft above sea level and has just under 700 permanent inhabitants. Its layout of towering stone buildings and labyrinthine multilayered streets narrower than an arms' span (known as carrugi) has changed little since the 14th century. The image on the right shows a view of the town from the old cemetery, the highest point in Apricale.

The house is high up right in the centre of the town, with fantastic views to the south from its windows and private terrace and only a few metres from the piazza del borgo or town square, which is the hub of Apricalese life.

Easiest access is via swanky Nice, somewhat over a hour away by car, or via Genoa, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, about a two-hour drive away.